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Guaranteed SEO Ranking Services from Trendmx

Do you want to achieve top ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing, but don't want to loose your shirt in the process?

If you are looking for an ethical, performance based SEO services company, you came to the right place.

Not only we offer performance based SEO services, but we are offering an unheard of top 10 ranking insurance for your target keywords for Google specifically.
We don't even bill you until you are on the first page of Google.

Do you want to pay for proven results only?

Our number one goal is for you to gain more visitors and sales from our search engine optimization services. That's why we work with you to select the most popular, and most frequently used keyword phrases for your website and business. Choosing the right keywords is crucial for you to attain the desired increase in visitors and sales.

We are expert search engine optimizers and seasoned SEO consultants that can take on the toughest keyword targets for your site and achive high search engine positioning. We have been offering professional SEO services since 2001 and we have doubled our satisfied client base every year since then. If you want results and measurable ROI on your SEO dollars you came to the right place.

We also cater to our Canadian and Toronto based clients with outstanding results in Google local search optimization. If you are interested in local search optimization in any city in Canada or the United States you came to the right place.

See for yourself the results
we have achieved for our clients. Oh, and yes we can provide you with references from dozens of clients.

To learn more about our guaranteed search engine optimization services, please read our guaranteed SEO faq.

How To Get Started:

If your site has been online for more than 1 year without interruptions and your site ranks in the top 100 on Google for your target keywords, you already qualify for our SEO services.

Please click on the button bellow to submit a no obligation FREE SEO quote request.

Guaranteed SEO Services Details

  • You are not billed until a keyword achieves a top 10 or top 5 ranking on Google.
  • Keywords are guaranteed to reach the first page of Google for a minimum of 15 days of each billable month.
  • If a keyword doesn't maintain a top 10 or top 5 ranking for a minimum of 15 days the client doesn't get charged for that month.
  • The minimum contract term is 6 months starting from the date an individual keyword is listed in the top 10 results on Google.
  • You keep your top 10 ranking after the 6 month contract expires and you don't owe us anything.
  • Our monthly plans also give you access to ranking reports, visitor statistics and unlimited email support by our SEO experts.

Does Your Site Qualify?

We have a very simple process for selecting sites for our guaranteed SEO services.

  • Your site must have been online for at least 1 year without any interruptions.
  • Your site must be already ranked in the top 50 results for your target keywords in the Google United States (Google.com or Google.co.uk) search results.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long has your company been in the SEO business, where are you based, and how many SEO staff have do you have?

  • Trendmetrix Software is a 10 year old federally incorporated company operating in Canada and internationally. Our company is based in Toronto, Canada.
    We have 2 full time technical staff engaged in website optimization and link popularity building. We also have a full time SEO copywriter generating new content for our clients' websites and regularly submits articles to major e-zine distribution sites and also creates press releases.


Can you give examples of some SEO work you have done, including websites and targeted keywords?

  • We have successfully completed dozens of SEO projects and we have provided many case studies on our website located here: http://www.trendmx.com/seo-services/seo-services-case-study.aspx. We welcome you to review these SEO case studies and testimonials. We can also provide you with references if you would like to speak with our previous and current clients, please send us an email to request references.


What guarantees do you provide?

  • We guarantee top 10 and top 5 natural ranking results on Google.com or Google.co.uk if you want to target the UK search audience. Our SEO plans are simple, you don't pay us until your site is on the first page of Google. Once we achieve the first page ranking on Google for your target keywords we bill you for 6 months or 6 terms the agreed upon SEO fees as long as your site maintains a top 5 or top 10 ranking for 15 days out of a calendar month.


What are the main contract terms?

  • You are not billed until a keyword achieves a top 10 or top 5 ranking on Google. (Please note you can't choose top 5 ranking only, you will be billed for top 10 ranking when the site reaches a rank between 6-10 and remains there for minimum 15 days)
  • You may choose a single keyword, multiple keywords or all keywords to hire us to perform guaranteed SEO services.
  • Keywords are guaranteed to reach the first page of Google for a minimum of 15 days of each billable month and will be verified by an independent ranking service called Digital Point Keyword Tracker. http://www.digitalpoint.com/tools/keywords/
  • If a keyword doesn't't maintain a top 10 or top 5 ranking for a minimum of 15 days in the previous calendar month the client doesn't't get billed for that keyword phrase.
  • The minimum contract term is 6 months starting from the date an individual keyword is listed in the top 10 results on Google.


What happens if my site drops from the first page Google results for more than 15 days in month #4 for one of the keyword phrase?

  • You don't get billed for that keyword phrase. If continuous first page rankings are not maintained month over month we still continue to work improving your rankings until we gain first page ranking again. Once your first page rankings are gained back we continue the billing until 6 periods are billed.


What files and resources will you need access to?

  • Depending on the previous SEO work done on the site, we may review every web page that can be indexed by the search engines, but we may only optimize a handful. This will depend on your chosen target keywords and your web page content. We have a broad range of experience working with ASP, PHP, ASPX file types and numerous content management systems and server types. We generally upload the changes to your web server once the content is approved by you via FTP. 


How long it will take to achieve the top 3 and top 10 results?

  • On average in the first 6-8 weeks you will be able to see your ranking results improve in some cases very dramatically. If your website has been online for at least 1 year, a top 10 ranking for your website is possible in a 4-8 month time frame for most of your target keyword phrases on Google.


Do you guarantee top 10 ranking on Yahoo and Bing as well?

  • No, we don't guarantee first page ranking on Yahoo and Bing. Google currently gets close to 65% of the total searches worldwide and this is why we chose to concentrate on Google only. However, in our experience rankings on Yahoo and Bing substantially improve, and sometimes even exceeds our results on Google.


How long will my site stay on the first page of Google once my 6 month contract is up?

  • Depends on many factors; regular search engine algorithm updates, your competitors and changes made to your own website. On average you can expect your ranking to stay relatively steady for 6 months to a year without doing any additional work on the website or continue building link popularity. Of course, with a continued low intensity link building program the ranking results can be maintained indefinitely. Please ask us about our monthly maintenance plans to ensure your website's long term ranking success.


Does your company ensure that there will be no SEO techniques and practices that may result in worse search engine results or black listing/banning of the site on search engines?

  • We believe in the long term success of our clients websites. We are only using optimization and link popularity building techniques that we would also use on our own website, which is completely within Google's guidelines. We don't use doorway pages, keyword stuffing, meta tags abuse, cloaking or link farms. We will disclose all our SEO methods to our clients, as a matter of fact we invite you to ask questions and raise concerns so we can offer you clarifications related to the techniques used by us.


Will your SEO techniques require any cosmetic changes to the site?

  • Yes, but the chances will not be too intrusive. Most often we will increase the indexable text on the web pages if required to about 150-200 words per web page. This is the most visible change you will see as a result of our optimization on your site. Most of the SEO "work" is done off site in the form of link building.


Do I have to place links on my site as part of a link exchange?

  • We'll not require you to place any links on your site to point to outside resource. We build one-way links to your site from related resources and therefore no back links are required from your site. However, we'll bring to your attention related industry, government resource links that are helpful for your visitors and we'll encourage you to place those on your resource link pages. 


What reporting tools will you provide for us to track the results?


What types of payment schedules are available?

  • Our SEO optimization plans are billed monthly after the end of each calendar month. Our preferred payment method PayPal or Credit Card.


Can I cancel the contract anytime?

  • No. You have an obligation to allow us 12 months to achieve first page ranking on Google. We need 12 months in some cases when very competitive keywords take months of intensive link building to achieve even moderate gains in rankings. Also Google ages the links we build before giving them full value.
  • If you cancel the contract before the 12th month from the date of the signing, you are liable for the full SEO fees based on top 10 rankings (6-10) according to the terms of the contact.


What happens if I change my mind and no longer need the website or want to redirect it to another domain?

  • The same terms apply as if you have cancelled the contract, your are responsible for all SEO fees based on a top 10 rankings (6-10) over 6 periods.


Please request your guaranteed natural search engine optimization quote request today or Call (647-948-5789)  for a free no obligation SEO consultation.